May 8th, 2017 | Company News

‘Benefits of gigahertz mode spacing for frequency comb applications’


taccor comb used for frequency comb applications Register here, and join our LIVE webinar with Dr. Albrecht Bartels, on the ‘benefits of gigahertz mode spacing for frequency comb applications’ on 30th May @15:00 BST. Please note, this is a rescheduled date due to a technical fault with the service platform on the initially planned date.

In the early days of optical frequency combs, GHz lasers were the sources of choice around the world due to their wide mode spacing. The first optical clock was built in 2001 using a 1 GHz Ti:Sapphire laser which has been shown to support an accuracy at the 10-20 level with a 1 second stability at the 10-17 level. The popularity of Ti:Sapphire lasers is again on the increase, with recent developments in their ease of use and reliability. This webinar details the technical advantages offered by the wide mode spacing, with reference to many different frequency comb applications.

  • Advantage:      High power per mode with 1 GHz spacing
  • Benefit:            High signal to noise ratio with easy access to the visible spectrum
  • Applications:   Metrology, Direct spectroscopy, Calibration, Optical clocks

To read the full webinar abstract, click here.