October 24th, 2019 | Company News

Enhancing two photon microscopy

Two-photon microscopy has many advantages over conventional microscopy including; minimal photo-bleaching effect and sample damage, higher imaging depth of live cells, higher excitation efficiency, and simultaneous excitation of multiple fluorophores with the promotion of autofluorescence.

Ultrashort (<10 fs) pluses enhance the two-photon microscopy technique. The peak power for a given average output is much higher in ultrashort pulses, resulting in reduced scattering and thus leading to deeper imaging, higher fluorescence efficiency, and improved image contrast. As the pulses enable a highly localised excitation of the sample, this reduces sample exposure to damaging energy, meaning reduced photo-bleaching.

Having a broad spectral output covering the complete Ti:Sapphire emission range between 640 nm and 1100 nm allows for multiple dye excitation and the promotion of autofluorescence without needing a tuneable laser – an important factor for those looking at live biological samples.

The venteon ultra brings the capability of <5 fs transform-limited pulses thus offering the benefits of enhanced excitation efficiency and direct excitation of multiple fluorophores due to the broad spectral output.

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