April 20th, 2015 | Company News

The electronics world dependent on lasers

Lasers are ever-increasing their presence in the electronics world; advancing the manufacturing technology and enabling miniaturisation. It is due to the laser’s precise machining that guarantees quality for microscopic structures enabling smaller electronics than conventional methods. As the laser market continues to develop, this opens new applications within electronics world. One of the key area of electronics that lasers are influencing currently, is in the process of creating the on-trend flexible screens for televisions, phones and other devices. Manufactures are using glass substrates because the sensitive displays, cannot be handled in factories. The layers are built up sequentially; polymer film, silicon circuits, functional layers and sealing. A UV pulse from a shortwave laser light vaporises the atomic layers on the glass only, leaving the rest unaffected. As smartphone technology demand increases, lasers will be the crux of these developments. Full article: