October 31st, 2017 | Company News

A Day in the Life as a Laser Quantum Engineer

Here’s a run down of a typical working day as an Engineer at Laser Quantum:


7:30AM: Arrive at work and gown up for working in the clean-room labs. The first thing to do is liaise with product and team managers for anything that is urgent and assess the work for the day ahead.

Key skill: Good communication skills and being a team player are vital.


7:45AM: Any lasers which have passed their soak test and need shipping take priority. These lasers need to have their settings finalised and final checks in the lab before being passed on to our Quality Control department and dispatch.

Key skill: Working under pressure and to a deadline is a big part of the job.


9.00AM: Lasers built on previous days will have undergone temperature cycles and/or baking in an oven. These are the next in line of priority; they need cleaning, scanning and quality checks before going on soak test.

Key skill: Good eye for detail is useful.


10:30AM: It’s now time to get out of the lab for a coffee break and kick back with fellow engineers.


11.00AM: Time to build a new laser. Populate an empty chassis with optics that need to be aligned with high precision. The laser is scanned and quality gates must be passed.

Key skill: Great dexterity, hand-eye coordination and skill.


12.00PM: Design review of a laser: A very interesting time to input changes to make the laser build more efficient and continuously improve the reliability in the field. Testing and reviewing the revised design is both challenging and rewarding.

Key skill: Problem solving skills.


1.00PM: Lunch. Time for a bite to eat and a walk outside to get some fresh air; it’s nice to have the river Mersey a stone’s throw away.


2.00PM: This afternoon the laser beam needs to be collimated. The pointing and size of the beam need conditioning to meet the customer’s specification. The laser is put in an incubator, then oven to cure the adhesives used, ready for the next day’s work.

Key skill: Project management


3:30PM: It’s the last 30 minutes; catch up on emails, tidy and clean the lab and organise work for tomorrow.


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