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Novanta video – We deliver innovations that matter

Since 2016, Laser Quantum has been a part of Novanta, a technology partner to medical and advanced industrial OEMs, providing expertise in photonics, vision and precision motion technologies. Novanta has just released a new video showcasing breakthrough innovations within these fields. The technology and applications that make these possible include: fine material processing, life science […]

September 10th, 2018 | Company News, Top Stories, Videos

Queen’s Award Enterprise winner 2017

Laser Quantum has today been announced as a 2017 Queen’s Award Enterprise winner, the UK’s most prestigious business award. The announcement was made today, 21st April, on Her Majesty’s birthday and is given as recognition to the company for its outstanding results in innovation, international trade and sustainable development. The outstanding achievement of Laser Quantum [...]
April 21st, 2017 | Company News, Top Stories

Winner: Cheshire Exporter Award 2016/17

Last week, the world-class products and highly motivated staff of Laser Quantum were recognised by being awarded ‘Cheshire exporter of the year 2017’ at the High Sheriff Awards ceremony. The judging committee recognised the success our business has had with our continuous wave and ultrafast lasers across the globe and our ever-growing export market, which [...]
March 30th, 2017 | Company News, Top Stories

OPCPA – An explanation and an animation

Laser pulse amplification has for a long time relied upon multi-pass concepts through inverted gain media with limited bandwidth. This concept allows high energy pulses, but due to band narrowing effects and thermal load, the pulses have a long duration and low repetition rates. Optical parametric chirped pulsed amplification has the advantage of a single [...]
March 8th, 2017 | Applications, Top Stories

Video launch! The gem vs. the wacker plate

The gem is a compact laser from our continuous wave range; it has been faced with a number of challenges over the previous months to demonstrate its robustness and reliability. After battling with (and winning against) a Range Rover, gravity and Arctic conditions, the gem is being put through its paces yet again. This time [...]
January 10th, 2017 | Company News, Top Stories, Videos

The gem laser vs. the Arctic

What happens when you combine a gem laser, a bucket of water and a freezer? Here, at Laser Quantum, we tried it out and froze the laser in a block of ice in order to bring you the next in the series of our robust laser videos! How will the gem perform after facing Arctic [...]
November 9th, 2016 | Company News, Top Stories, Videos

The gem laser vs. gravity

The second in the series of our robust laser videos is available now! This time, the gem faces the force of gravity when it is dropped 20 metres high from a drone, but how will the gem perform afterwards? Will it still deliver specification? Watch the video below to find out. The series continues to [...]
September 14th, 2016 | Company News, Top Stories, Videos

Laser Quantum named CommonwealthFirst Export Champion

In a recent announcement by CommonwealthFirst, the first cohort of UK SME’s have been selected to become ComonwealthFirst Export Champions. Laser Quantum has been chosen on the basis of its level of impact, innovation, ambition and ability to succeed across the Commonwealth markets.  This recognition is a key achievement and highlights the growth of Laser [...]
August 4th, 2016 | Company News, Top Stories

The gem laser vs. the Range Rover

Ever wondered how robust a Laser Quantum laser is? Ever wanted to see its reliability proved in a real life example? Well now you can. We have created a series of videos showing the robustness and reliability of our lasers, with the first one being launched today! Watch below to see our video of a gem [...]

Laser Quantum’s active role in promoting women in physics

Ever since the start of time, women in physics have always been in a minority. Over the years, the number of women in the industry has grown, but there is still that fundamental question of ‘how do we get more women interested in physics’? Here at Laser Quantum, we try to support and encourage women [...]
June 28th, 2016 | Company News, Top Stories