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Advances in Test Equipment: Ultrafast optical sampling oscilloscope measures at femtosecond time scales

ASynchronous OPtical Sampling (ASOPS) is a ultrafast optical time-domain spectroscopy technique. This technique is a result of advancing technology and test equipment. Recently, an article published in LaserFocusWorld highlights the benefits of the approach over conventional technology and explains the technique in further details. Read the full article here. Laser Quantum’s HASSP-THz is a THz [...]

Newly released Laser Quantum joint venture paper makes editors pick!

The ‘Terahertz cyclotron resonance spectroscopy of an AlGaN/GaN heterostructure using high-field pulsed magnet and an asynchronous optical sampling technique’ paper, a joint venture between the University of Manchester, the University of Cambridge and Laser Quantum, has been chosen by American Physics Institute as its editor pick. The paper presents an innovative new instrument that allows […]

Laser frequency comb in astronomy research

Answering fundamental questions in astronomy such as the expanding universe theory, depend on the possibility of measuring the slow drift of cosmological redshifts which are inherent in any evolving universe. However, such an observation requires very high accuracy of the measured spectrograms since the expected redshifts are exceedingly small.  While modern telescopes might be able […]

Semiconductor research benefits from a new, taccor power laser-based instrument development

A new tabletop instrument that can be easily moved between institutions has been developed by The University of Manchester in collaboration with The University of Cambridge and Laser Quantum. This instrument, used to measure effective mass, sheet carrier concentration and mobility of electrons, will enable researchers to better understand the fundamental structures of materials, leading [...]

Laser Quantum’s collaboration makes national news with innovative new instrument

We are very excited to have recently featured in the national news and on university and industry websites, surrounding a recent publication. Our collaboration with the University of Manchester and the University of Cambridge has resulted in the publication ‘Terahertz cyclotron resonance spectroscopy of an AlGaN/GaN heterostructure using a high-field pulsed magnet and an asynchronous […]

Frequency comb metrology with an optical parametric oscillator

Read this new paper by K. Balskus et al. which reports on the first demonstration of absolute frequency comb metrology using an optical parametric oscillator (OPO). Absolute optical frequency metrology is widely done using a frequency comb where the repetition rate and the carrier envelope offset frequency is stabilised using an f-to-2f interferometer and locking […]


Laser Quantum has recently been a partner in the EU framework 7 project – Metrocomb – which has now successfully concluded. With  partner organisations; Heriot Watt University, LO Laseroptik GmbH, Raicol Crystals, Radiant Light SL, Universite de Neuchatel, Fraunhofer UK Research Ltd, and M-Squared Lasers, the Metrocomb project aimed to  develop frequency comb based spectroscopy […]

Laser Quantum lasers help investigate greener fuels

The ventus 532 and finesse 532 continuous wave lasers from Laser Quantum have been used to investigate biofuels evaporation dynamics. In this whitepaper, two techniques are reported to study biofuel single droplets; the first is Electrodynamic Balance (EDB) which used the ventus 532, an ideal laser for such an application due to its fully controllable […]

Read the latest paper by J. Ahrens et al. on Multipass OPCPA system at 100 kHz pumped by CPA-free solid-state amplifier

Abstract: ‘We present a compact few-cycle 100 kHz OPCPA system pumped by a CPA-free picosecond Nd:YVO4 solid-state amplifier with all-optical synchronisation to an ultra-broadband Ti:Sapphire oscillator. This pump approach shows an exceptional conversion rate into the second harmonic of almost 78%. Efficient parametric amplification was realised by a two stage double-pass scheme with following chirped mirror […]

Raman-spectroscopy-based sensing platform for an indirect marker of blood glucose using an opus 532 laser

Dr. Rishikesh Pandey of G.R. Harrison Spectroscopy Laboratory, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA, is at the forefront of Biomedical and Clinical applications of Raman spectroscopy. His focus is on how to develop and deploy biophotonic techniques that bridge physical chemistry, clinical diagnosis and Raman spectroscopy. Specifically, he works to employ vibrational spectroscopic and imaging techniques [...]
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