June 23rd, 2017 | Company News

Catch up now on the few-cycle webinar

For anyone who missed the live recording of Dr. Thomas Binhammer’s webinar on ‘Few-cycle optical parametric amplifiers – the next generation of high power amplifier systems’, you can now watch the recording for free, please follow this link:

This webinar looked into the pioneering field of few-cycle OPCPA systems, an important enabling technology for applications requiring high photon flux. The webinar covered the technology and physics of modern OPCPA systems, the scalability in terms of pulse energy and repetition rate, and had a focus on few-cycle pulse generation with stable carrier-envelope phase. Presented by Dr. Thomas Binhammer, Managing Director of Laser Quantum –Venteon, he completed his Doctorate at the Max Planck Institute for Nuclear Physics, Germany on the production and use of ultrashort laser pulses. Thomas furthered his research at the University of Hannover, Institute of Quantum Optics as a research associate, coordinating projects in the field of ultrashort pulse lasers. He has authored 27 peer-reviewed scientific papers with more than 350 citations and his h-index is 13.