August 28th, 2017 | Company News

Advancing Raman Spectroscopy

Read the latest article written by Andreas Isemann illustrating ‘Laser requirements and advances for Raman Techniques’, featured in Microscopy and Analysis magazine in July.

Raman spectroscopy is used in numerous applications, some use Raman scattering, whilst others use high peak-power fields to probe nonlinear Raman responses. Raman spectroscopy is continually advancing as a result of the development and advancement of the lasers used in the technique. This article provides a brief overview of the differences in techniques, the benefits of these and the laser source requirements that have advanced such techniques.


Many of Laser Quantum’s Lasers are useful for Raman Spectroscopy, including:

ventus 532 nm: With its remote control capability, narrow bandwidth for increased resolution and ability to produce up to 1.5 W, it is ideal for Raman spectroscopy.

torus range: Perfect for the highest resolution with stability from the mode locking and the long coherence length.

venteon range: The use of an octave scanning oscillator allows researchers to focus into a narrow spectral regions.


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