January 6th, 2016 | Company News

Acoustical and optical tweezing of bubbles in a microchannel

The National Physical Laboratory (NPL) have recently utilised our ventus 1064, 5W laser as part of an experimental demonstration of acoustical and optical tweezing of bubbles in a microchannel. The ventus laser is a high-powered, single transverse mode laser that is near diffraction limited, it also offers low noise and a highly stable output: perfect for optical tweezing. The importance of this demonstration enables simulations of the gas bubbles as potential targeted drug delivery vectors, leading to safer, more clinically effective and cost-effective medical products. The NPL used both optical and acoustic trapping to perform the characterisation of single bubbles and throughout the process, the bubbles are monitored and tracked for experimental data and results. For full information on the experiment set up, materials used and results, please read the poster produced by NPL: