March 11th, 2016 | Company News

16W power for Ti:Sapphire pumping: The finesse


Laser Quantum’s finesse, an established choice as a Ti:Sapphire pump source, is available with up to 16W output power. With excellent beam quality, exceptional power stability and low amplitude noise, the finesse results in more stable, low noise Ti:Sapphire output. A 16W pump source is ideal for amplifier systems, where a single source can be split, giving 3-6W for oscillator pumping and the remaining 10-13W for the amplification stage, all at a far lower cost than using separate, lower power pumps. Highly efficient and compact, this laser is easily integrated into all commercially available Ti:Sapphire oscillator and amplifier systems and boasts lifetimes far exceeding the industry standard. The MTBF is greater than 40,000 hours, double that of many similar lasers and has the added advantage of higher wall plug efficiency and minimal heat output.

Also available is the finesse pure which features ultra-low noise, making it suitable for CEP stabilised systems, and the finesse pure CEP which adds high speed direct modulation, eliminating the need for an AOM in CEP stabilisation.