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The venteon OPCPA is the only fully integrated ultrafast amplifier on the market that combines few-cycle pulse duration, μJ level energy and a high repetition rate of 200 kHz or higher. Thereby, it is a unique light source for all applications benefitting from high photon flux, high intensity, broad bandwidth and ultrashort pulse duration. A major application area is surface science, where two-photon photo-emission (2PPE) is one of the main techniques used to study the time-dependent interplay between electron, spin and phonon dynamics, as well as to study chemical reactivity at surfaces in real time.

With a peak power exceeding the GW level and peak intensities well beyond 1015 W/cm2, the venteon OPCPA is an ideal tool for high repetition rate High Harmonic Generation and XUV spectroscopy. Correlation measurements benefit from the high repetition rate, so that data acquisition times can be reduced dramatically from several hours (with a 1 kHz amplifier) to only a few minutes with the venteon OPCPA. This also allows the study of unlikely events, as well as XUV spectroscopy, structure analysis and imaging techniques.

As another example, the venteon OPCPA allows new regimes of studying light-matter interaction in COLTRIMs by a dramatic improvement of statistics, so that e.g. coincidence measurements and double ionisation processes can be performed which are not possible with Ti:Sapphire amplifier systems.

In addition to these selected examples, with the high photon flux and unique combination of few-cycle pulse duration, high repetition rate and μJ level energy, the venteon OPCPA offers decisive advantages for a wide field of nonlinear application or spectroscopy methods. An example includes CARS, which will profit from a dramatic decrease of measurement time, enhanced statistics and the excellent CEP stability.