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Military Lasers

The military have many uses for laser technology including laser weapon guidance, mine detection, head-up displays (HUD), dazzle (and eye-targeted lasers), target designation and LIDAR to name a few, but the one thing they all have in common are harsh operating conditions in which they are expected to function. In aircraft, strapped to the outside of vehicles and in a wide variety of temperatures.

Any laser therefore needs to be rugged and, as lives can depend on them, reliable. As part of an aerospace design programme, Laser Quantum products are tested for shock, vibration and temperature extremes to ensure that even when exposed to these harsh conditions, travelling in the desert strapped to a tank or at mach 2 in a military jet, they meet every operational expectation.

Although every laser is tested to meet these requirements, some are more suited to individual applications.

  • torus - SLM laser ideal for LIDAR
  • opus - High powered and compact for integration in tight spaces. Ideal for mine detection
  • ventus 1064 – Target designation
  • gem 660 - Red laser for explosives detection using SERS (Surface Enhanced Raman spectroscopy)

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