DCM9 GVD 450-950 nm

The "DCM9" is a GVD mirror shifted to the "blue" now covering a wavelength range of 450 nm-950 nm. These mirrors are specially designed to be suitable for pulse compression of femtosecond pulses generated by amplification, filamentation, OPA/OPG and others.

Product Description

Featuring negative GVD of -60 fs² for the mirror pair @ 700 nm and are designed to compensate fused silica up to fourth order.

As compressor mirrors, a 30 x 20 mm size is available to provide the possibility to use the mirrors in multi-bounce configuration.


  • Coating Side 1: HR >99.6% @ 450-950 nm
  • GDD -60fs² / Pair @ 700 nm
  • Substrate: Fused Silica, lambda/10, S/D:10-5
  • Dimensions: Rectangular - 30 x 20 mm | Thickness: 6.35 mm
  • ROC: flat
  • AOI: 0-10° 



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