venteon pre-amp2

The venteon preamplifier modules have been developed for amplifying low energy pulses (10 pJ) to significantly higher power levels. Originally designed for amplifying the narrowband 1030 nm output of the venteon dual laser system, all modules can be used as independent amplification modules for other laser systems around 1µm. The venteon pre-amp2 is designed for energy scaling from pJ - nJ and pulse picking to reduce repetition rate.

Product Description


  • Wavelength: 1030 nm (central)
  • Spectral FWHM: >8 nm
  • Pulse Duration: <250 fs (compressed) >15 ps (stretched)
  • M Squared: 1.2
  • Peak Energy: 0.5 nJ
  • Pulse/Repetition Rate: 80 MHz - 0.3 MHz


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