venteon dual

The venteon dual laser system represents the ideal front-end for broadband few-cycle OPCPA applications. The spectral bandwidth of this laser allows for the generation of broadband sub-5.5 fs pulses as a signal for a NOPA stage and additionally provides sufficient pulse energy for seeding an Yb-based amplifier pump stage. The pulses are provided by two separate output ports and are intrinsically self-synchronized with ultra-low timing jitter.

Additional Information

The second output around 1030 nm delivers - without any additional broadening - more than 20 pJ in a spectral bandwidth of ~10 nm (FWHM) and is ideally suited as narrowband seed for pump amplifiers. Optionally this output can be ordered pre-amplified, delivering pulses with an energy >1 nJ.

Pump-amplifier seed output:

  • Central wavelength: 1030 nm
  • Pulse duration: <250 fs (Fourier-limited)
  • Pulse energy (free-space, 80 MHz): ~0.02 nJ
  • Average power 1030 nm free space: ~1.5 mW
  • Average power 1030 nm fiber-coupled: ~0.5 mW
  • RMS noise (1h): <0.5%
  • FC/APC fiber port at the laser enclosure for easy seed pick-up
  • Pre-amplified for optimal amplifier seeding (optional)
  • Pulse energy (pre-amplified, fiber-coupled, 80 MHz): >1 nJ (>80 mW)

Pulse durations achieved with optional extra cavity compression

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