venteon CEP5

Based on the venteon ultra oscillator, the venteon CEP5 laser is a complete carrier-envelope-phase (CEP) stabilised laser system. In addition to the octave-spanning oscillator, this system includes an f-to-2f interferometer for fCEO beat generation and a low-noise pump laser placed on the same, water-cooled breadboard and all necessary control electronics.


Average Power>220 mW
Pulse Repetition Rate80 MHz
Pulse Energy>2.75 nJ
Pulse Duration<5.5 fs (TL), <6 fs (measured)
Spectral Bandwidth>380 nm (-10 dBc)
Central Wavelength800 nm (+/- 20 nm)
Power Stability<1% RMS
Noise<0.1% RMS
Divergence<1 mrad

Additional Information

  • CEP Phase noise: 100 mrad
  • SNR for fCEO-beat > 30 dB (@ 100 kHz RBW**)
  • CEP-lock without additional spectral broadening
  • Monolithic f-to-2f interferometer for CEP detection
  • Menlo Systems stabilisation electronics (XPS800 Syncro)
  • Pump modulation@ CEPLoQ technology of the finesse pure CEP
  • Second feedback loop (tracking function) for increased long-term CEP performance included
  • Pulse durations achieved with optional extra cavity compression

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