TL-1000-ASOPS permits a repetition rate off-set-lock between two femtosecond oscillators at 333 MHz, 500 MHz or 1 GHz repetition rate (e.g. contained in a gigajet TWIN) at a difference between 2 kHz and 20 kHz. This unit permits high-speed ASOPS based ultrafast time-domain spectroscopy using two gigajet femtosecond oscillators or taccor's with better than 60 fs time-delay resolution.

Product Description

Repetition Rate*1 332 MHz - 334 MHz
498 MHz - 502 MHz
0.996 GHz - 1.004 GHz
Repetition Rate Offset 2 kHz - 20 kHz, adjustable
Time Resolution in High-Speed ASOPS Experiment <60 fs
Trigger Signal TTL at offset frequency

*1 Range must be selected upon order

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