Tera-SED is a planar large-area GaAs based photo- conductive emitter for impulsive generation of broad- band Terahertz (THz) radiation.

Product Description

Peak Emission Frequency 1.0 - 1.5 THz
Spectral Width (@ -10 dB) ~2.5 THz
Optical Excitation Wavelength 700 - 860 nm
Bias Modulation Frequency DC to 100 kHz
Max. av. Dissipated Electrical Power 750 mW
Pulsed THz Field Amplitude up to 5 kV/cm
Useable Area 3×3 mm2 (Tera-SED 3)
10×10 mm2(Tera-SED 10)
Dimension (Incl. Metal Holder) 1 inch (O.D.)

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