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The taccor comb consists of a powerful 1 GHz turn-key Ti:sapphire laser with a matched dispersion compensation module, super-continuum generation and ultra-stable f-to-2f interferometer. It provides an electrical output signal at the carrier-envelope offset (CEO) frequency with at least 40 dB signal-to-noise ratio in 100 kHz bandwidth. The super-continuum generation fibre coupling is stable for long periods and any long-term variations can be compensated with piezo actuators, controlled via a touch-screen interface. The comb extension can be used in conjunction with the taccor power or taccor ultra.


Average Powerup to 1 µW per mode Pulse Repetition Rate1 GHz
Central Wavelength800 nm (+/- 20nm) Laser ClassClass IV


The comb extension can be used in combination with the taccor power or taccor ultra lasers with the taccor power offering up to 1 W of useable 800 nm available after the CEO frequency measurement. When combined with the taccor ultra 8 or 10, the system delivers up to 800 mW of output power with 15 fs pulse duration.


power 8

power 10

ultra 8

ultra 10

Useable 800 nm power after fCEO stabilisation

600 mW

1000 mW

400 mW

800 mW

fCEO beat signal-to-noise ratio (in 100 kHz bandwidth)


>40 dB

Repetition rate/comb spacing

1 GHz

Supercontinuum power per mode (typ.)*

100 nW to 1 µW

Supercontinuum wavelength coverage (typ.)*

                                                520 nm to 1200 nm


5x10-13 in 1 s or same as reference**, whichever applies first


Same as reference**, 10-19 has been demonstrated [1]

  *With optional supercontinuum module

** The customer must provide a suitable reference synthesiser for the fCEO and fR locks, the performance of the system will be determined by these references.

[1] L.-S. Ma et al., "Optical frequency synthesis and comparison with uncertainity at the 10-19 level," Science. 303, 1843 (2004)


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