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We are Laser Quantum, dedicated to supplying robust and reliable lasers to the global market.

We are continually expanding our expertise, and are highly reputable in continuous wave and ultrafast lasers. We support all our ranges by offering optics, instruments and accessories. Explore our website to find out more and please contact us for any information you require.


gem 473

The gem 473 laser system is at the cutting edge of DPSS laser technology. The innovative architecture generates up to 500 mW of blue CW power at 473 nm.

venteon ultra

Octave spanning ultra-broadband laser with a specified (measured) pulse duration of <5.5 fs. Supporting a transform limited <5 fs pulse.

venteon OPCPA

The first commercially available OPCPA amplifier system offering µJ energies in <8 fs pulses at high repetition rates.

taccor power

The taccor power is a hermetically sealed true hands-free femtosecond laser with a repetition rate of 1 GHz and a self-mode locking mechanism that ensures constant pulse performance.